Stop eating detergent, you freaks

So, a few years back, one of my dear girlfriends and I were traveling in Wisconsin, and at the hotel where we were staying was a gymnastics meet. My friend, in a perfect Wisconsin accent, made a video mocking the mothers of the female gymnasts. Her fictional daughter was “Christina”, and in the videos (we made many as time passed), she started referencing her fictional husband, “Gary.” She is always irritated with Gary and one of her favorite phrases is, “Goddammit, Gary!” In this spirit, the other night I stumbled across this app and decided to create a new character to add to our story, Gary’s mother. She’s as surly and foul-mouthed as you would expect and her first video questions why kids are eating Tide Pods. *video not sponsored by Tide, angry grandmothers, or gymnasts*

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